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Be part of Toronto’s thriving financial community to elevate your company’s profile, network with national and international economic leaders, stay current on industry trends, and attract qualified talent. Our members include a broad range of institutions in the financial services ecosystem, industry associations, and academia. To join or learn more about becoming a member, contact us today.

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Member Benefits

Company Profile
Raise your company’s profile

Create awareness through networking events, speaking engagements, newsletters, featured case studies, and more.

Build relationships

Connect with national and international stakeholders.

Contribute to Innovative Talent Initiatives

Collaborate with the financial services (FS) talent community on strategic initiatives designed to grow a world-class talent pool for the FS sector in Canada.

Join the ASPIRE Programme

Financial institutions and post-secondary schools may participate in ASPIRE, a talent initiative to attract post-secondary students learning in-demand skills to our sector.

Shape policy and regulation

Collaborate with like-minded professionals and government officials to raise global financial and economic issues.

Demonstrate commitment to growing Toronto’s financial sector

Serve as a key part of the foundation that drives growth and competition within Toronto and across the country.

Networking Opportunities

Current Members

TFI members have the opportunity to shape the organization’s strategies, participate in international business missions, contribute to submissions on key policy issues, network, and join TFI committees. We are proud of our members and the work we accomplish together in Toronto and across the world.


Annual corporate membership fees start at $5,950 CAD. Get in touch for more information.
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Active Monitoring


Throughout the pandemic, TFI has been monitoring and rapidly shifting our processes to continue delivering value to our members. In 2021, we have adapted and embraced new opportunities to connect that have enabled our members and leaders to continue making an impact locally and worldwide.
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How to Become a Corporate Member

Reach out to our team
Reach out to our team
Fill out the form below or reach out to our team.

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Learn about your options
Learn about your options
We will take you through our membership options and answer any questions you may have.
Become a member and enjoy your benefits
Become a member and enjoy your benefits
Once your company becomes a member, all of your employees will immediately become part of TFI’s membership network, with priority access to resources, upcoming events, research reports, and more.
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